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New Zealand Artist

Lord of all he surveys, majestic in his fur coat, the Thar defy gravity on a daily basis in their home in one of the harshest habitats on Earth.


Tahr/Thar were introduced to New Zealand for sport hunting with early European settlers. They thrive in the inhospitable high rocky Southern Alps. Prized by sport trophy hunters,

New Zealand is the only place in the world Tahr can be hunted as populations in other countries are endangered.

Lord of All He Surveys


NZ Himalayan Tahr / Thar - Original Watercolour

size: 29 x 42 cm approx


Featured on the cover of

NZ Artist Magazine

Jan/Feb 2019


$ 1250.00 NZ

This original painting is available to buy.   


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Signed limited edition prints are also available. HERE> 

Originals and prints are supplied with certificate of authenticity.

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